Mahamanjisthadi Vati Uses, Benefits, Dosage, Ingredients, Side Effects and Detailed Review.

Mahamanjisthadi Vati is an Ayurvedic herbal medicine Curated using various natural herbs and It is mainly used as a natural blood purifier. In this article, we will share about Mahamanjisthadi Vati uses, ingredients, dosage, side effects, precautions to take and a complete detailed review.

Do you have any skin problems? Do you always get skin infections frequently? Have you had any severe skin infections for a long time? Do you get allergic skin rashes frequently?  then read this article completely to Know the outstanding uses and benefits of Mahamanjisthadi Vati and how you can use it to get maximum benefits out of it. 

We have used the Mahamanjisthadi Vati tablet in many patients and have seen excellent results, Here we will share our experience with Mahamanjisthadi Vati and the feedback we have got from our patients, Then let’s start this article.

What is Maha Mahamanjisthadi Vati?

Mahamanjisthadi Vati is an Ayurvedic herbal medicine available in the form of a tablet that is derived from Mahamanjisthadi kadha/kashaya which is in decoction form converted into a solid pill. It contains Manjistha[Rubia Cordifolia] as the main ingredient with other medicinal herbs which supports skin health.

Mahamanjisthadi Vati Uses

Therapeutically it is used in these health conditions

  • Psoriasis
  • Chronic Eczema
  • Acne
  • Acne Rosacea
  • Vitiligo 
  • Systemic Lupus erythematosus
  • Rheumatoid diseases
  • Neurodmatosis
  • Oedema of the feet
  • Lipid metabolism
  • Numbness

Mahamanjisthadi Vati Benefits

Potent Blood Purifier 

  • It contains Manjishtha, Amalaki, Vibhitaki, Haritaki and other natural medicinal herbs which help to make this tablet a potent blood purifier.
  • Phytochemicals present in this tablet help to filter and purify the blood naturally. 
  • It helps to improve the quality of blood and blood plasma.
  • It helps to retain the essential nutrients and supply them to every cell of the body.


  • It is a powerful natural detoxifier
  • It helps to filter and remove all the unwanted free radicals which cause damage to the various organs of the body.

Skin Health

  • It helps to increase the glow of the skin by removing the unwanted waste and toxins present in the blood which may lead to many types of infections of the skin. 
  • Manjishtha present in this tablet helps to increase the complexion and tone of the skin.
  • This medicine helps to increase the blood supply to the skin, especially the facial skin, which directly impacts a good nutrition supply to the facial skin.

Liver health

  • It is beneficial for the liver when taken for 2 to 3 months.
  • It helps to remove the toxins which are stuck in the liver
  • It helps to get rid of the unwanted fat deposited in the liver
  • It is helpful for the proper functioning of the liver and induces the production of natural secretions from the liver

Skin problems

  • It helps to remove all the toxins which may cause infections of the skin.
  • It helps to reduce the inflammation of skin diseases.
  • It is beneficial for healing skin wounds.


  • It is one of the most effective Ayurvedic medicines that can help to cure acne.
  • It helps to reduce the infections in the skin by the bacteria which cause acne.
  • The blood-purifying property of this medicine directly helps to reduce the formation of acne and also heals them.


  • It is very much beneficial in an autoimmune skin disease like psoriasis.
  • The Phytochemicals present in this tablet helps to increase the immunity of the person and fight against autoimmune skin disease like psoriasis.
  • It helps to reduce skin rashes and scaly skin in psoriasis.


  • It acts as a natural immunity booster.
  • That’s why it is used in many auto-immune skin disorders.

Other Important Benefits

  • It helps to increase diuresis
  • It has to remove all the excessive Pitta present in the body
  • It helps to reduce swelling itching and redness on the skin
  • Beneficial for a treat Desquamation, Purpurea, Lichenification and Scarring.

Mahamanjisthadi Vati Ingredients

  • Indian madder
  • Nutgrass
  • Tinospora
  • Telicherry tree
  • Clerodendrum
  • Yellow nightshade
  • Sweet flag
  • Costus
  • Ginger
  • Neem
  • Chebulic myrobalan
  • Indian gooseberry
  • Turmeric
  • Barberry
  • Frangipani vine
  • Embelia
  • Beleric myrobalan
  • Picrorhiza
  • Malabar kino
  • Red plumbago
  • Wild asparagus
  • Bacopa
  • Snake gourd
  • Long pepper
  • Malabar nut
  • False daisy
  • Ailanthus
  • Pata root
  • Transparent Woodrose
  • Malay tea
  • Indian laburnum
  • Indian coral treeCutch tree
  • Sandalwood
  • Solanum
  • Sacred garlic pear
  • Indian beech
  • Coleus
  • Bitter apple
  • Oldenlandia
  • Indian stinging nettle
  • Indian sarsaparilla
  • Atis root

Mahamanjisthadi Vati Dosage

It is a herbal ayurvedic medicine,  it should be consumed under strict medical supervision.

  • It can be consumed in a dose of two pills two times a day with water, Maha Manjishthadi Kadha or as directed by the doctor.
  • Self-medication should be strictly avoided.

Mahamanjisthadi Vati Side Effects

  • Generally is considered safe for consumption for all if taken under medical supervision.
  • If consumed more than the suggested dosage may cause vomiting, nausea, discomfort in the stomach, belching and gastritis.
  • Take a suggestion from a certified Ayurvedic doctor before consuming this medicine, self-medication should be avoided for the safety of your health.


In Pregnant Women

  • This tablet doesn’t cause any harmful effects on pregnant women, so it is considered safe for them.
  • Consuming this medicine without a doctor’s suggestion is not suggested.
  • Contact an Ayurveda obstetrics specialist for more information.

In Lactating Mothers

  • This medicine is considered safe for lactating mothers and believed that doesn’t cause any harmful effects.
  • More research is needed to prove its safety in lactating mothers.
  • Self-medication of this tablet is not recommended due to the lack of studies available to prove its safety.
  • Reach an Ayurvedic Obstetrics/Gynecology specialist to know more about this medicine in lactating mothers.

In Kids

  • This medicine is considered safe for kids
  • Ask an Ayurveda Pediatrician for more information about this medicine for kids.

Interaction with Western medicines

  • Mahamanjisthadi Vati doesn’t interact with Western medicines
  • Some Phytochemicals may interact with Western medicines
  • So maintain a 30-minute interval between the two if you are prescribed both of them.

Interaction with Homoeopathic Medicines

  • Mahamanjisthadi Vati doesn’t interact with homoeopathic medicines.
  • If you are concerned about safety you can maintain a 30-minute interval between the two.

Interaction with Health Supplements

  • Mahamanjisthadi Vatidoesn’t interact with health supplements like multivitamins and Omega 3 fatty acids
  • Some of the phytochemicals present in this medicine may interact with the health supplements, so it is a better option to maintain a 30-minute interval between the two while consuming.
  • avoid self-medication if you haven’t gotten a prescription from a certified Ayurveda doctor.





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What is Mahamanjisthadi Vati used for?

It is used for the treatment of various skin diseases like acne, Psoriasis, Eczema, vitiligo, skin rashes, itching, swelling and other skin infections.
And also acts as a potent blood purifier.

What are the side effects of Mahamanjisthadi Vati?

Generally, when consumed under strict medical supervision with a proper dosage it doesn’t cause any side effects.

If consumed more than the prescribed dosage it may irritate the stomach, discomfort in the stomach, belching, nausea, vomiting and gastritis.

How to take Mahamanjisthadi Vati?

It is available in the form of a pill, so it can be consumed orally with water or as directed by the doctor.

Does Mahamanjisthadi Vati help for skin glow and complexion?

Yes, It can help to increase the glow and complexion of the skin by improving blood circulation to the skin which helps to the proper supply of nutrients to the skin cells.

How long should I consume Mahamanjisthadi Vati?

You can consume this tablet for 2 to 3 months to get better results. Consult an Ayurvedic doctor to get diagnosed, they will decide the dosage according to your health condition and body type of yours. And suggest the time duration you need to consume this medicine.

Does Mahamanjisthadi Vati give the same result as mahamanjishthadi kadha?

Both of them are the same in different forms, the first one is available in the form of a pill and the second one is a decoction. Consuming any one of these will give the same results, it depends upon whether the person wants to consume a pill or decoction.

Mahamanjisthadi Vati Review

Mahamanjisthadi Vati Is an Ayurvedic herbal medicine used for the treatment of many kinds of skin problems. We have used this medicine with many patients. Here we will share our experience with this medicine and the feedback we have gotten from them.

  • Young men and women who get acne in their adolescence get great results after consuming this medicine for 3 months along with other Ayurvedic medicines that help to cure acne.
  • Many people who were complaining of the itching sensation and skin rashes frequently got positive results after consuming this medicine for 3 months under medical supervision.
  • People who were having psoriasis for a very long time got positive results and a decrease in symptoms after consuming this medicine for just 2 months. If this medicine is taken along with other Ayurvedic medications, this autoimmune disease can be suppressed successfully under medical supervision.
  • For many people who had infections in the blood, the presence of excessive pus cells got great results after consuming this medicine for 2 months. We have checked its potential by checking the ESR lab report of the particular persons and we have seen great results with a reduction in ESR levels. Also, the patients expressed that they were feeling positive and increased their skin tone glow and complexion.
  • We have used this tablet with many people and have lots to share, here we can say that it is a good natural option to purify your blood whereas Western medicine doesn’t have any option for blood purification naturally.

This article is only for educational purposes, self-medication and self-diagnosis are not recommended. Please consult an Ayurvedic doctor for more information and the safety of your health.

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