Vridhivadhika Vati Uses, Full details & Complete Detailed Review.

Vridhivadhika vati is a Classical Ayurvedic herbal mineral medicine mainly used by doctors to treat all types of hernia, abnormal cell growth, hydrocele etc. In this article, we will provide the uses, benefits, dose, side effects and precautions to take and complete a detailed review of this medicine.

Are you suffering from a hernia for a long time? Are you infected with Malaria fever?  do you want to cure your scrotal swelling? then read this article completely to know complete information about this medicine.

We have used this medicine with many people and have got positive results, in this article we will share our experience with this medicine and the feedback we have gotten from the people who have used it so that you can decide whether to consume this medicine or not. then let’s start this article.

What is Vridhivadhika vati?

  • Vridhivadhika vati is a Rasa Aushadha that is mainly prepared by using Parada and Gandhaka along with other natural medicinal drugs. Because of its different medicinal drugs, it helps to cure hernia hydrocele like difficult cure disease, if consumed properly. 
  • According to Ayurvedic science, this helps to balance Vata dosha and reduces Kapha. An increase in Vata in the body is the main reason for the development of Hernia and Hydrocele

Vridhivadhika vati Uses

Generally, we use this medicine in these health conditions.

  • Every kind of hernia- Inguinal hernia, Intestinal hernia etc
  • Hydrocele  
  • Tumour
  • Malaria 
  • Testicular swelling
  • Scrotal swelling 
  • All types of abnormal cellular growth in the body

Vridhivadhika vati Benefits

  • It helps to improve immunity
  • It has to improve digestion
  • Beneficial to assimilate nutrients into the body
  • It reduces the abnormal Vata and Kapha in the body
  • Beneficial for treating hernia and hydrocele in the initial stage

Vridhivadhika vati Dosage

This is a herbal mineral formulation [Rasaushadhi] of Ayurveda medicine

It contains Mercury and sulfur. 

Rasaushadha are strictly consumed under medical supervision

Self medication is not recommended

  • This medicine is available in tablet form which can be consumed one or two tablets two times a day after food
  • This medicine can be taken with plain water or decoction of Haritaki

Vridhivadhika vati Ingredients


Safety Profile

Vridhivadhika Vati Side effects

  • Vridhivadhika vati Doesn’t have any side effects and no Side Effects have been reported yet.
  • Self medication is not recommended
  • If you want to consume this medicine please consult your doctor for more information and safety.
  • Consuming more than the prescribed dose make us stomach irritation
  •  Store In a cool and dry place away from the sunlight.

Interaction with Allopathic medicines

  • Vridhivadhika vati doesn’t interact with allopathic medicines
  • Some medicinal herbs may interact with synthetic compounds of allopathic medicines so consult a doctor for their suggestion.
  • It is recommended to take this medicine under the opinion of a Healthcare provider.
  • We Suggest our patients maintain a 30 minute interval between Ayurvedic medicines and Western medicines to avoid any unknown interactions.

Interaction with Homoeopathic medicines

Vridhivadhika vati doesn’t interact with homoeopathic medicines, so this medicine can be considered as safe with them.

Interaction with the health supplements

  • Generally, Vridhivadhika vati medicine is considered as safe with health supplements like multivitamins Omega 3 fatty acids etc
  • If you are taking more than one health supplement at a time and you want to take Vridhivadhika vati along with it consult your doctor for more information
  • Normally we suggest to our patients that if they are taking any health supplements, they should avoid taking both at the same time and maintain a 30-minute interval between the two different medicines

For Pregnant women, Lactating mothers and Kids

This medicine is strictly prohibited for pregnant women. Lactating mothers and children 




Patanjali Ayurved Limited etc


This medicine can be used up to 3 years from the date of manufacturing, once the seal of the container is open.


A case report on the management of Goitre using Vridhivadhika vati by the Journal of Ayurveda case reports


How to take Vridhivadhika vati?

This medicine can be taken with plain water or decoction of Haritaki or as by your doctor

When should I take Vridhivadhika vati?

You can consume this medicine morning and evening after the food that was suggested by your doctor.

How long should I take Vridhivadhika vati?

You can consume this medicine for up to 3 months or as directed by your doctor.

What is the use of Vridhivadhika vati?

This medicine is used to treat hydrocele, all types of hernia, abnormal cell growth in the body etc.

Is Vridhivadhika vati safe to use?

This medicine contains heavy metals like Mercury iron copper et cetera so self-medication is strictly avoided and consulting your healthcare provider is strictly necessary. With the doctor’s help, you can consume this medicine and can be considered as safe.

Is Vridhivadhika vati helpful for treating cysts?

Yes, it can be beneficial in the patient over having a cyst, it helps to reduce deep water and abnormal kapha in the body and may reduce the size of cysts.

Is Vridhivadhika vati useful in Prostate problems?

No scientific data is available to prove that this medicine can help to treat Prostate health problems

Is Vridhivadhika vati useful in treating Lipoma?

Yes, it may be helpful to treat Lipoma, but more research studies are needed to confirm this.

Is Vridhivadhika vati useful to treat Fibroids?

Yes, it can be used to treat abnormal cell growths in the body, a fibroid is one of the kinds of abnormal cell growth.

Can Vridhivadhika vati cure thyroid?

A scientific research study has shown that it can help to treat Goitre, one of the thyroid-related diseases. If there is abnormal thyroid growth, it can help to treat that.


Vridhivadhika vati Review

In our regular clinical practice, we have seen many instances that Vridhivadhika vati helped to cure some patients, this is my review of this medicine.

  • Many patients who were having Hydrocele benefited from this medicine and the symptoms got reduced gradually after some time.
  • Patients who were having fibroids benefitted from this medicine by consuming this medicine for 2-3 months.
  • Patients who were having hernia for a long time benefit from this, but surgery is a better option for hernia problems.
  • We have used this medicine with many patients, and it has good results when taken with other Ayurvedic medicines which are related to specific health conditions.

This article is written only for educational purposes, self-medication and diagnosis is not recommended. Please consult your doctor for any queries.


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