Samshamani Vati Uses, Fever, Complete Details With Review.

Samshamani Vati is a famous Ayurvedic medicine among doctors to treat all kinds of fever. In this article, we will provide you with Samshamani Vati uses, benefits, dose, side effects, precautions to take, and a complete detailed review.

Are you suffering from a fever for many days? and not getting rid of the fever with Western medicine? Do you want to use a natural and safer alternative for fever? Then you should read this article completely. We will provide you with authentic facts so that you can consider whether to consume it or not.

  • We have used some Samshamani Vati which is also called Guduchi ghanvati, Sanshamani Vati or Giloy ghanvati In many patients who are having different kinds of fever or chronic fever for many months.
  • In those patients we have seen very good results, read this article for 5 minutes and learn everything about it, then let’s start this article.
  • We have used this tablet with many patients who were suffering from fever so we will share what we have experienced with this medicine with our patients.

What is Samshamani Vati?

Samasha Mani Vati is an Ayurvedic herbal formulation prepared by using a single herb called Guduchi [Tinospora cardifolia]. This medicine is primarily used to treat different kinds of fevers and to reduce the Excessive Vata and Pitta in the body.

Samshamani Vati Uses 

We use this medicine therapeutically in these health conditions

  • Fever
  • Chronic fever
  • Weakness
  • Anaemia
  • For treating Patients with high levels of vata and pitta
  • This tablet was used extensively to treat fever in Covid-19 patients along with allopathic medicines. We have got great results in patients suffering from Corona after administrating this who were not responding to regular treatment.

Samshamani Vati Benefits 

  • It helps with the purification of the blood
  • In patients who are having skin diseases with secretions, it can help to make it dry
  • Beneficial for those who are having burning sensations all over the body.
  • Antipyretic activity
  • Anti-viral activity
  • Antifungal activity
  • Anti-bacterial activity
  • Improves Immunity

Samshamani Vati Ingredients 

  • Guduchi [Tinospora Cordifolia]

Some companies also prepare this with more ingredients as

  • Guduchi
  • Loha bhasma
  • Abhrak bhasma
  • Swarnamakshika bhasma

Samshamani Vati Dosage 

Gududchi ghanvati is a herbal formulation of Ayurveda medicine 

This medicine is strictly consumed under medical supervision

Self-medication is not recommended

  • This medicine is available in tablet form which can be consumed in one or two tablets two or three times a day after food
  • This medicine can be taken with plain water
  • Different Adjuvants like warm water, milk Gravel, meat soup or asava arishta can be used with medicine according to the different health conditions.
  • Can be taken with medicines like Amritarishta, and Arogyavardhini vati for the treatment of Fever.

Samshamani Vati Side effects 

  • Giloy ghanvati normally doesn’t have any side effects
  • Self-medication is not recommended
  • Consuming more than the prescribed dose may cause stomach irritation, loss of appetite, indigestion, belching and a burning sensation
  • If you want to consume this medicine please consult your doctor for more information and safety.
  • Store In a cool and dry place away from the sunlight.

Interaction with Allopathic medicines

  • Samshamani Vati tablet doesn’t interact with allopathic medicines
  • Some medicinal herbs may interact with synthetic compounds of allopathic medicines so consult a doctor for their suggestion.
  • It is recommended to take this medicine under the opinion of a Healthcare provider.
  • We Suggest our patients maintain a 30-minute interval between Ayurvedic medicines and Western medicines to avoid any unknown interactions.

Interaction with Homoeopathic medicines

Samshamani Vati doesn’t interact with homoeopathic medicines, so this medicine can be considered as safe with them.

Interaction with the Health supplements

  • Generally, the Samshamani Vati tablet is considered as safe with health supplements like multivitamins Omega 3 fatty acids etc
  • If you are taking more than one health supplement at a time and you want to take Samshamani Vati along with it consult your doctor for more information
  • Normally we suggest to our patients that if they are taking any health supplements, they should avoid taking both at the same time and maintain a 30 minutes interval between the two different medicines

For Pregnant Women 

This medicine Doesn’t have any bad health effects on pregnant women. More research is needed in this regard.

Get an opinion from your doctor if you want to consume it.

 For Lactating mothers 

This medicine can be considered safe for lactating mothers

Please consult your doctor for more information and safety.

For Kids 

This medicine is safe for kids if taken under medical supervision.







It Can be used for up to 3 years from the date of manufacturing.

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What is Samshamani vati used for?

Samshamani vati is used to treat many kinds of favours like viral fever, dengue, malaria, Chikungunya, covid-19 fever, cold and flu and fevers for a very long time.

How to take Samshamani vati?

You can consume this medicine with plain water at the dose prescribed by your doctor. Generally, 1 or 2 tablets are prescribed according to the health condition of the patient.

When to take Samshamani vati?

It can be consumed in the morning and evening or three times a day as directed by your doctor. Please consult a doctor for more information.

Is Samshamani vati safe to consume?

It is an Ayurvedic herbal medicine prepared by using 100% natural ingredients only. It is considered completely safe to consume for any patient with a doctor’s opinion.


Samshamani Vati Review 

Generally in our regular clinical practice, we have used this medicine in thousands of patients, this is what we have found out and some of the feedback we have gotten from our patients.

  • During the pandemic, severe Corona times patients who came with fever and not getting cured using other medicine got great benefits after using this medicine regularly for the suggested time duration by us.
  • For patients who were having Dengue fever whose blood levels have already decreased when got treatment and the prescription was containing Samshamani vati, we have seen positive results and an increase in the Count of WBC [white blood cells] when taken along with fresh papaya juice along with other allopathic medicines prescribed by our colleagues.
  • In patients who were having infections in the blood after consuming this medicine the infection in the blood got produced when we analysed the lab report of ESR [Erythrocyte sedimentation rate].
  • Some patients who were having fevers for several months and had already got treated with various medications got cured after consuming this medicine with proper diagnosis and treatment under a certified Ayurvedic physician.

This is the reason why Ayurvedic doctors love this medicine and use it more frequently in patients with normal fevers and other types of fevers.

This article is only for educational purposes, we don’t recommend self-medication and diagnosis. Please contact a doctor for more information and the safety of your health.

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