Shankh Vati Benefits, Digestive Problems, Complete Details & Review

Shankh Vati is an excellent Ayurvedic medicine for digestive problems, It can be used for patients who are having loss of appetite-like symptoms. In this article, we will provide you with Shankh Vati’s benefits, ingredients, dosage, side effects, precautions to take and a complete detailed review so that if you want to consume this medicine you can decide whether to consider it or not.

Are you suffering from dyspepsia[Indigestion]? Do you have low digestion power? Are you feeling that you are not getting hungry at regular times? Then read this article and we will explain the benefits of these problems.

We have prescribed thousands of patients this medicine and also used it personally. In this article, we will share our and our colleague’s experiences with our patients and their feedback. Then let’s start this article.

What is Shankh Vati?

  • Shankh Vati is an Ayurvedic herbal mineral formulated medicine used by Ayurvedic physicians for many centuries. Its key contents are Shankha bhasma, Saintdhava lavana, Sauvarchala lavana, Samudra lavana, Romaka Lavana, Vida Lavana and other medicinal herbs.
  • This medicine is mainly used to treat patients having digestion problems.

Shankh Vati Benefits


It is used in patients who are having Ajeerana or Indigestion because of eating heavy/difficult-to-digest foods, junk foods or any other internal Pathology

Distension of the Abdomen

People who are having enlargement of the abdomen or tightness in the stomach area can get relief from the discomfort.

Stomach pain

Patients who are having an infection in the stomach and frequently have pain in the stomach can be benefited from using this medicine.

Acute Diarrhoea

It is useful in patients who get diarrhoea by balancing the enzymes and acids in the stomach and making the digestive system work properly.

Chronic Constipation

  • It is very useful in patients who are having difficulty defecating or excreting waste products as we normally call constipation. 
  • In a patient with constipation for a very long time, it is beneficial to treat internal Pathology and make proper secretion of different enzymes and Chemicals in the stomach.

Pain in the stomach during digestion

It is also called Parinama shoola in Ayurveda. Many patients have complained that they got stomach pain just after eating the food. In this case, this tablet is beneficial to treat the particular problem.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

It is useful for patients who have irritable bowel syndrome.


Patients having a loss of appetite for many days can benefit from consuming this medicine for a required duration of time as directed by the doctor.

Low Digestive Capacity

Some patients cannot eat much of what they want because of low digestive capacity, this medicine helps to increase the digestive fire in the stomach and also helps to digest the consumed food.

Shankh Vati Ingredients

Shankh Vati contents are as follows

Chincha ksharaTamarindus indica
Sanidhava lavanaRock salt
Sauvarchala lavanaSochal salt
Samdra lavanaCommon salt
Vida lavanaVida salt
Romaka lavana
Nimbu swarasaLemon Juice
Shankha bhasmaConch shell bhasma
ShunthiZingiber officinale
MarichaPiper nigrum
PippaliPiper longum
ParadaHerbal Purified Mercury
GandhakaHerbal Purified Sulphur
VatsanabhaAconitum Ferox

Shankh Vati Dosage 

It is a herbal mineral combination formula of Ayurvedic medicine 

This medicine is strictly consumed under medical supervision

The medicine contains heavy metals like Mercury and sulfur.

Self-medication is not recommended.

  • This medicine is available in tablet form which can be consumed in one or two tablets two or three times a day before or after food
  • This medicine can be taken with plain water
  • Different Adjuvants like warm water, Honey, or Ghrita can be used with medicine according to the different health conditions.
  • Keep this medicine away from the reach of children

Shankh Vati Side effects

  • This medicine Is normally not recommended to patients with hypertension because of the presence of different kinds of search as its ingredient. 
  • This medicine contains purified and processed Mercury and sulfur. 
  • Self-medication is not recommended
  • Consuming more than the prescribed dose may cause stomach irritation, loss of appetite, indigestion, belching and a burning sensation, nausea, and vomiting
  • If you want to consume this medicine please consult your doctor for more information and safety.
  • Store In a cool and dry place away from the direct sunlight.

Interaction with Allopathic medicines

  • This medicine doesn’t interact with allopathic medicines
  • Some medicinal herbs may interact with synthetic compounds of allopathic medicines so consult a doctor for their suggestion.
  • It is recommended to take this medicine under the opinion of a Healthcare provider.
  • We Suggest our patients maintain a 30-minute interval between Ayurvedic medicines and Western medicines to avoid any unknown interactions.

Interaction with Homoeopathic medicines

This medicine doesn’t interact with homoeopathic medicines, so this medicine can be considered as safe with them.

Interaction with the Health supplements

  • Generally, this tablet/pill is considered as safe with health supplements like multivitamins Omega 3 fatty acids etc
  • If you are taking more than one health supplement at a time and you want to take this medicine along with it, Consult your doctor for more information
  • Normally we suggest to our patients that if they are taking any health supplements, they should avoid taking both at the same time and maintain a 30-minute interval between the two different medicines

For Pregnant Women

  • This medicine Doesn’t have any bad health effects on pregnant women. More research is needed in this context.
  • Get an opinion from your doctor if you want to consume it.

For Lactating mothers 

  • This medicine can be considered safe for lactating mothers
  • Please consult your doctor for more information and safety.

For Kids 

  • This medicine is safe for kids if taken under medical supervision.
  • No research data is available to prove its safety for children.
  • Please contact your doctor for more information.
  • Keep it in a place where kids can’t find it.





Dhootpapeshwar etc 


It Can be used for up to 5 years from the date of manufacturing.

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What is Shankh Vati used for?

Shankh Vati is an Ayurvedic herbal mineral formulation used to treat digestive problems like indigestion, loss of appetite, low capacity to digest, Constipation, IBS etc

How do I take Shankh Vati?

Shankh Vati is in the form of a tablet/pill, it can be swallowed with plain water or other adjuvants suggested by the doctor.

What is the dose of Shankh Vati?

It can be consumed in 1 or 2 tablets or pills or as directed by the doctor, depending on the health condition, body strength, weight, and other pathological factors.

When should I take Shankh Vati?

If you have digestive problems like lots of appetite, constipation, low digestive capacity, stomach ache and other problems you can consume this medicine in the morning and evening before or after the food or three times a day as directed by your doctor.

How long should I take Shankh Vati?

You should consume this medicine for 1 to 2 months as directed by your  Healthcare provider.

Is Shankh Vati useful in constipation?

Yes, it is beneficial to those who are having constipation for a very long time, it helps the natural secretion of enzymes and liquids in the stomach and helps the digestive system work properly.


Shankh Vati Review  

Shankh Vati has been used since ancient times to treat digestive problems. We have used this medicine with thousands of patients, Here we will provide our review of what we and our colleague doctors have experienced with our patients and the response and feedback from our patients.

  • People who were having a low capacity to digest food or it was very difficult to digest food if eaten a little bit more than normal got positive results after consuming this medicine for 1 to 2 months
  • People who were complaining that they were not getting hungry for many days were treated with this medicine and got tremendous results after consuming it for the prescribed duration of time. They even have good digestive capacity.
  • In many IBS [irritable bowel syndrome] patients, this medicine has helped to maintain the digestive system in a healthy condition.
  • Patients who were suffering from distension of the abdomen and gastritis got positive results after consuming this medicine.
  • We have used this medicine in various other medical conditions and got positive results, the above-mentioned health results are not possible by consuming only this single medicine. A group of medicines that can treat a particular system of the body are used along with Shankh Vati to cure health conditions.

This article is only for educational purposes, we don’t recommend self-medication and self-diagnosis. Please contact a doctor for more information for your safety.

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