Kaishore Guggulu Uses Dosage, Side Effects, Completely Details & Review

Kaishore Guggulu is One of the most used and famous Ayurvedic herbal formulations. This has very good effects on treating Gout. In this article, we will provide you with complete details of Kaishora Guggulu’s uses, Benefits, dosage, ingredients, side effects, precautions to take and other authentic details so that you can decide whether to consume it or not.

  • Are you suffering from Gouty arthritis, Abdominal diseases, indigestion, Constipation, wounds, diabetic carbuncles etc? Then this is the medicine which will help to reduce your health problems.
  • In our experience of regular clinical practice we have used this tablet with thousands of patients, so we will give you authentic knowledge of what we have seen and the feedback we have gotten from our patients so that you can decide whether to consider this one or not. Then let’s start the article.

What is Kaishore Guggulu?

Kishore Google is an Ayurvedic herbal medicine made up of many Ayurvedic natural herbs specifically selected to form a formulation that helps to purify the blood, which helps to reduce the Uric acid in the body and natural detoxifier with many other benefits.

Kaishore Guggulu Uses 

In our regular clinical practice, We have seen the therapeutic uses of this medicine.

  • Gouty arthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Skin diseases like Acne, Eczema etc
  • Constipation
  • Indigestion
  • Joint pain
  • Diabetic carbuncle 
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Rheumatic fever
  • Tendonitis
  • To reduce uric acid levels in arthritis
  • Skin diseases with secretions
  • Fever due to joint pain
  • Muscle cramps and Stiffness

Uses Mentioned in Ancient Ayurvedic Scriptures 

  • Vrana  – Wounds with Pus
  • Gulma – Abdominal tumour, fibroid
  • Udara – Constipation, Ascites
  • Prameha – Diabetes, Urinary disorder
  • Prameha pidika – Diabetes carbuncle
  • Kasa – Cough
  • Shotha – Inflammation
  • Pandu – Anaemia

Kaishore Guggulu Benefits 

  • Blood purifier 

It acts as a very good blood purifier when taken for the prescribed duration of time that’s why it is used in many skin diseases. In Ayurveda, pure blood is a sign of good skin. That’s why we plan blood purifying treatment for patients who are having skin problems for a long time.

  • Can be used as a Dietary supplementary
  • Metabolism 

It helps to improve the natural metabolism of the body so that the body’s organs work smoothly and effortlessly.

  • As a Detoxifier 

It has to detoxify the body by removing the free radicals in the blood and different organs of the body.

  • Anti-inflammatory actions 

It has anti-inflammatory properties which apps to reduce the inflammation in joints wounds etc. It can also help to reduce local edema.

  • It helps to Free movements of joints and muscles flexibly.
  • It helps to maintain a balance of Vata, Pitta and Kapha, Also effectively removes excessive Pitta present in the body.

Kaishore Guggulu Ingredients 


Kaishore Guggulu Dosage 

This is a herbal formulation of Ayurvedic medicine 

This medicine is strictly consumed under medical supervision

Self-medication is not recommended

  • This medicine is available in tablet Form which can be consumed in one or two tablets two or three times a day after food
  • This medicine can be taken with cold water
  • Different Adjuvants like warm water, milk or asava arishta can be used with medicine according to the different health conditions. 

Kaishore Guggulu Side effects 

  • Kaishore Guggulu is not recommended for Patients with gastritis and diarrhoea
  • Self-medication is not recommended
  • Consuming more than the prescribed dose may cause stomach irritation and a burning sensation
  • If you want to consume this medicine please consult your doctor for more information and safety.
  • Store In a cool and dry place away from the sunlight.

Interaction with Allopathic medicines

  • Kaishore Guggulu doesn’t interact with allopathic medicines
  • Some medicinal herbs may interact with synthetic compounds of allopathic medicines so consult a doctor for their suggestion.
  • It is recommended to take this medicine under the opinion of a Healthcare provider.
  • We Suggest our patients maintain a 30-minute interval between Ayurvedic medicines and Western medicines to avoid any unknown interactions.

Interaction with Homoeopathic medicines

Kaishora Guggulu Vati doesn’t interact with homoeopathic medicines, so this medicine can be considered as safe with them.

Interaction with the Health supplements

  • Generally, Kaishore Guggulu tablet is considered as safe with health supplements like multivitamins Omega 3 fatty acids etc
  • If you are taking more than one health supplement at a time and you want to take Kaishore Guggulu along with it consult your doctor for more information
  • Normally we suggest to our patients that if they are taking any health supplements, they should avoid taking both at the same time and maintain a 30-minute interval between the two different medicines

For Pregnant Women 

This medicine may cause some unwanted effects in pregnant women. More research is needed in this regard. Get an opinion from your doctor if you want to consume it.

 For Lactating mothers 

This medicine can cause moderate effects in lactating mothers, please consult your doctor for more information and safety.






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This medicine can be used for up to 5 years.

Research and References 

  • Research article on the management of Dry Gangrene with Kaishore guggulu by PubMed.com
  • Case study on the management of Aphthous Ulcer with Kaishore guggulu and other medicines
  • Study on Management of Avascular Necrosis of Neck of the Femur by stmjournals.com
  • A case study on the management of severe gout with Kaishore Guggulu by the World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research


What is Kaishore Guggulu used for?

Kishore Google is mainly used to treat got authorities, rheumatoid arthritis, skin diseases like acne Eczema, joint pains, diabetic carbon etc.

How to use Kaishore guggulu?

Kaishore Guggulu is in the form of a tablet, it can be taken with water or warm milk with a doctor’s opinion.

Who should use Kaishore guggulu?

People who are having joint pains, Arthritis, gout And other disorders described in ancient Ayurvedic scripture can take this medicine. Patients with gastritis and diarrhoea must avoid this.

Is Kaishore guggulu safe with alcohol?

There are no research studies conducted to prove alcohol is safe or harmful with this medicine. 

When should I take Kaishore Guggulu?

You can take this medicine in the morning and evening after food, with strict medical supervision 

How long should I take Kaishore Guggulu?

You can take this medicine from 1 month up to 3 months for better results. Please contact your doctor for more information.

Is Kaishore Guggulu useful in Uric acid?

Yes, this medicine gives positive results for those who have high levels of uric acid. Take this medicine with a doctor’s opinion only.

Is Kaishore Guggulu useful for skin diseases?

Yes, it is useful in skin diseases with secretions.


Kaishore Guggulu Review

We have used Kaishore Guggulu with thousands of patients, and this is what we have felt using this with our patients.

  • Patients who were having gouty arthritis got reduced symptoms after using this medicine for 3 months, Along with the same health-related Ayurvedic medicines consumed simultaneously. 
  • Uric acid levels in gout patients gradually reduced after consuming this medicine for 4 months and when we checked lab reports, it was a positive result that came out as we predicted.
  • Patients who are having severe joint pains get relief after consuming this medicine for the suggested time duration
  • Young boys and girls who are having acne get benefits from Kaishore Guggulu along with other Ayurvedic medicines which are used to treat acne.
  • Many patients who were having digestion problems like integration constipation got positive results after consuming this medicine.

This article is for educational purposes only, we don’t recommend self-medication or diagnosis. Please contact a doctor for more information if you want to consume this medicine safely.

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